Take a Break with Breakaway Matcha

If you’re looking for a special treat that’s also incredibly nutritious, matcha fills the bill.

Matcha is a particular type of green tea, prepared in a particular way that makes it one of the great superfoods on the planet. It also happens to be an epicurean delight. Once you taste the rich, flavorful green broth, it’s hard to go back to steeped teas. The fact that you’re consuming the whole leaf, not just an extraction, is what gives it both the amazing mouthfeel and the unsurpassed health benefits.

Traditionally, matcha is prepared using an elaborate and somewhat esoteric process requiring a wide shallow bowl, a bamboo whisk (called a “chasen”) and a lot of work. There’s no doubt that the formal Japanese tea ceremony is a thing of beauty, but I would likely never take the time to develop the proper technique. Fortunately an acquaintance of mine from The Well has come up with a way to prepare matcha that offers the same quality in taste, mouthfeel and health benefits and yet is simple and quick enough to make it practical for every day.

Eric Gower is known as The Breakway Cook. An author, private chef and cooking teacher, his style focuses on simplicity, ease of preparation and powerful flavors. Breakaway Matcha is his take on this exceptional beverage. Take a look at this video to see him demonstrate.

I’ve been making matcha with this method and can attest to it’s simplicity and deliciousness. I find that a matcha break at mid-afternoon helps me focus for the balance of the work day, and leaves me feeling relaxed and replenished.

Eric’s site has everything you need to get started. I’m looking forward to picking up some of their beautiful ceramics soon – I’m forbidden to buy anything else like that until we’ve moved. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my matcha in an old hand-thrown mug that I bought from a friend in the art department when I was in college.

Visit Breakaway Matcha for more information.

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