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The Red and Black is a worker-owned cooperative restaurant and community space in Portland, Oregon. The folks who work there (all of them IWW members) are living the dream of workplace democracy, and creating a model of a world without bosses. It’s also a hub of radical activity, hosting regular events with a variety of local, national and international social justice activists, authors, filmmakers and others. They also strive to maintain a Safer Space, that prioritizes the safety and needs of people who are survivors of abuse and oppression, as well as those typically marginalized by the status quo.

As such, it’s not surprising that The Red and Black has been the target of attacks from those who do not share the vision. Over the weekend, someone threw a brick through one of the cafe windows with a hate message attached. Although the restaurant is still open for business, they could use some help raising funds to replace the window.

You’ll find a PayPal donation link on their website, or you can simply go to PayPal and send money to “” as the recipient. Donate what you can and share this information widely.


Read More: Help us replace our busted window! Red and Black | Portland, Oregon

  1. Mitch says:

    Did the cafe call the POLICE to report the broken window?

    It’s pathetic that a police WORKER was kicked out of your so called pro-labor business. You people should have seen all the off duty POLICE officers marching for workers’ rights in Madison.

    • Noebie says:

      i don’t live in portland, so i’ve not been to the red & black, and have no information on the matter you raise

      i am aware of the solidarity shown in wisconsin by public employee unions, private employee unions, farmers and so many other members of the communities there

      as a member of the iww, it is certainly my belief that unity between all working people is an important goal – our public service workers included

    • Pidgeon says:

      I do not live in Portland (and I am unaware of the actions Red and Black Cafe took following the action, part of me strongly believes that they did, in fact, call the police), but I have some thoughts on the issue you raised. Yes, cops are workers. And yes, as the local branch of Occupy continuously made sure to remind me, cops are a part of the 99%. That said, police are an inherently violent institution, law enforcement officers are not trustworthy, and they are not on the same side as places like the Red and Black Cafe. That’s whatever. Cops are gonna be cops. Part of wanting to be socially conscious is being aware to the struggle that police cause. They are symbols of authoritarianism and hierarchy, the roots of the police force in the US are embedded in racism and capitalism (the earliest police in the southern United States were used to capture escaped slaves to return them to their masters).

      Red and Black Cafe has tried to make clear that they are a safe space. There is no safe space (least of all for radicals, people of color, queers, and womyn) where there are police.

      The earliest police force to set an example for modern policing were Bobbies (also known as Peelers). They were forced upon people, few at that time wanted/liked them. Only after a long period of time did people become complacent with them.

      The greatest brutality is having police.

  2. Fred Savage says:

    Anarchist cafe complaining about a broken window because someone doesn’t share their viewpoint? Now THAT’S irony.

    • Noebie says:

      nothing ironic about it, unless someone is conflating anarchism with violence and intolerance – which would betray that person’s ignorance

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