Help The Red and Black

The Red and Black is a worker-owned cooperative restaurant and community space in Portland, Oregon. The folks who work there (all of them IWW members) are living the dream of workplace democracy, and creating a model of a world without bosses. It’s also a hub of radical activity, hosting regular events with a variety of local, national and international social justice activists, authors, filmmakers and others. They also strive to maintain a Safer Space, that prioritizes the safety and needs of people who are survivors of abuse and oppression, as well as those typically marginalized by the status quo.

As such, it’s not surprising that The Red and Black has been the target of attacks from those who do not share the vision. Over the weekend, someone threw a brick through one of the cafe windows with a hate message attached. Although the restaurant is still open for business, they could use some help raising funds to replace the window.

You’ll find a PayPal donation link on their website, or you can simply go to PayPal and send money to “” as the recipient. Donate what you can and share this information widely.


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