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Opening Day 2012

Posted in Curated Links on April 5th, 2012 by Noebie – Be the first to comment

How wonderful it was to find this essay from my nephew, Brady Cremeens, in my mailbox first thing this morning.

It’s marveling at a once head-bound slider snapping down for a strike as the batter bails out of the way.

It’s the whip-like crack of a wooden Louisville connecting with a 98 mph fastball.

It’s listening to your favorite broadcasters on a radio station that barely comes in.

Read the full article on Life, Death, and Feeny:  The Optimism of Opening Day.

Play ball!

Go Cards

Posted in Other Content, Pictures on March 12th, 2012 by Noebie – Be the first to comment

With our move to Kankakee rapidly approaching, I was more than a little concerned about the fact that we’ll no longer have the St. Louis sports channels in our Cable lineup.

Problem solved. Thanks, MLB.TV.

I’m looking forward to another great season of baseball from the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.