The Spirit of ’16


On this 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, we remember the martyrs who lost their lives in the cause of freedom. Here are some links apropos of the day.

1916 The Irish Rebellion (Documentary from The University of Notre Dame)

Between The Risings (Special Issue of Jacobin Magazine)

The Writings of James Connolly

Our demands most moderate are – We only want the earth!

Southland Reading Group March Meeting

Tuesday Night March 15th at Feed

This month’s meeting of the Chicago Southland Jacobin Reading Group will be held at 7 PM on March 15th at Feed Arts & Cultural Center, 259 S. Schuyler in Kankakee. Come join us to talk about political realignment, radical feminism and the “small c” communism of Pete Seeger.

Find out more: Readings for March 2016 – Jacobin Reading Group – Chicago Southland

Chicago Southland Jacobin Reading Group for September

The next meeting of the Jacobin Reading Group for the Chicago Southland will be held at 7 PM on September 15th at Feed Arts & Cultural Center, 259 S. Schuyler in Kankakee.

This time around, the subject is race. Here are the articles we’ll be discussing.

How Class and Race Immiserate – Matt Bruenig explains that class and race operate both separately and together to impoverish huge swaths of American society.

How Race Is Conjured – The Fields Sisters shed light on how the fiction of race hides the real source of racism and inequity in America today.

The Social Construction of Race – Race is a social fiction imposed by the powerful on those they wish to control. Brian Jones says “The whole thing is made up.”

More information is available on the group website and Facebook page.

Come join us!

My Schedule for S15

I’ll be spending Independence Day in Chicago, imagining a better society and learning how to build it. This will be my third year in attendance at the annual Socialism Conference, sponsored by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change and the International Socialist Organization.

Here’s my tentative schedule for the weekend.

This conference is the most energizing and intellectually stimulating event of the year for me. It’s nice to be in a crowd of a couple thousand people and know that wherever you turn, the person you see is your comrade.

I hope to see you there!