We Can Be Together

This has long been one of my favorite Jefferson Airplane songs, and I love this demo version from Paul Kantner. It’s amazing that all of the harmonic and rhythmic elements of the song were there right from the start.

I wasn’t able to find proper guitar tabs for this online, but as nearly as I can tell, he’s dropped both E strings on the guitar to D, so I’m experimenting with that tuning this week.

For Katharina Jacob

On this International Women’s Day 2016, we honor¬†our departed comrade Katharina Jacob, who fought the good fight against the Nazis. Asked if the sacrifice was worth it, she said this.

The Resistance fighters put their lives on the line for humanity and peace. My husband fell on this front. I also followed my conscience and convictions. The decision was not easy. But to see wrong and do nothing about it? I had to be able to face myself and my children.

This beautiful song from David Rovics is a fitting tribute and remembrance.